Truck Wash enjoy No Loitering!

Man, these Loiterers at the Lounge have gotten so much better since The Lounge reopened.

Thank goodness for The Rules!

Marie, We answer your question with this question, how much time is No?

The Rule is "No Loitering!"

Are all women like this?


How much time are we allowed exactly?

You mean the smoke is from fires? 

I misread, sorry.

Smoke on the water

It has been legal in California and have not seen a big increase in legal sales of the product.


The whole thing, its a hoax.

It's bad up here. No sunshine, even though it should be clear skies. All the smoke from the pot smokers is clouding up my summer.


There's always room here for the lonely...


I till tell you what this place needs besides the hot tub. The Lounge needs better lighting, and disco music, with a spinning mirrored ball ant laser lights with a fog maker and a long red fax leather futon sofa

Management of the Truck Wash has constucted a place for the Raven to Roost in the proximity of The Lounge

Fries and crumbs may suffice the Ravens appetite however loitering is prohibited

It took so long to fix the damage in the Lounge because Internet Explorer exploded massively all over the the Mens Room

I’m loitering

The place is nice. I like the neon.


It's HIGH TIME we pick on Smuch.

No need to worry Marie. 

Much worse things can and will happen. Anything we say solidity will challenge so I make no excuses for him. 

I now can say why he insisted I use the woman's head up there. It was a trick.

This is set up better. But I’m sorry it burned. I hope everyone is alright.

The Truck Wash is a place off the busy highway in Buttonwillow. 

The Lounge is where you can get a good meal sometimes, depending on if you want to eat the surprise of the day or try the what I like. 

Much Better

We love complaints here in The Lounge. It is our low-bar standard that Truckers really crave.


The Truck Wash

You have a dirty truck? Is it HUGE?

Bring it in - and get a free hard pickled boiled egg in The Lounge.

The truck is huge!

The Lounge updates when you post, but if you loiter, you won't automatically see new posts.

But... you can reload the page or click on the The Lounge heading and the posts will be reloaded.


There are some other things different 

Hope you have no problems

Turns out the men's restroom had a problem.

I went in there and the light was out so I struck my Zippo for light and the place exploded. I died.

The Kitchen was a dreadful lifesaver.

Jump in to the fire, I always say... not really, I say jump into the HOT TUB!  Ha ha haaa