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"Poor" dog.

Pit bull bites off burglar's genitals

A man fleeing from police made the mistake of running into the Truck Wash Trailer Park patrolled by a pit bull. He suffered a bite in his 'private parts,' according to a report in the Lounge News Letter.

Police did not identify the 28-year-old burglary suspect, but did say they were in hot pursuit when the pit bull attacked.

The man was rushed to the emergency room where he remains hospitalized.

Excuse me while I change my vomit bag.

Diaper man?

And what about the women who take care of men in diapers? 

Don't even reply. 

We need more better topics 


Some people...

"He acted like a child. His demeanor was child-like, so he would have tantrums, he would act like a child," the former Lounge Hostess said.

"He would just be clapping, he would be smiling and talking to us when we were changing (him)," she said.

The woman says she feels some relief that she never complied with the shower request.

"He's going to get what he deserves for fooling everybody like this," she said.

The Lounge, TruckWash --

A man is facing crime charges after police say he duped female caregivers into believing he had mental issues that required him to wear a diaper.

The Truck Wash Monkey found a purse in the roadway with $10,000 dollars inside. We commend him for doing the right thing and turning it in to the The Lounge, said The Cook. We found the grateful owner. What a great example of doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

That was your monkey?


I see, now former Lounge Hostess is on a smear campaign. The monkey i safe and in the Lounge kitchen, as always.

Rest assured.

A monkey went missing from the The Lounge at the Truck Wash Research Center on Saturday (Sept. 15), according to the Hostess on social media.

If I became president again I'd change every Hostess policy

SCPD? Right.

Let me see your papers

This is The South Carolina Police Dept. 

We are monitoring this lounge after reports of a man laughing about a serious situation was discovered.

Ha ha ha...

The hurricane destroys the day

The storm surge devides the night

Try to run, try to hide

Evacuate to the other side



yeah yeah yeah

come mon whooo

You know the day destroys the night

Night divides the day

Try to run, try to hide

A G P is the girl for me

Really living is not like nami

Posts and replies get so far and wide

Carry on discussing till we break on thru to the other side


She is not 100%, as no one is, her being able to understand, and not having experience is a challenge but she seems to be working at it, saying the same thing in different words helps, thats what I have seen you are able to do. 


OUR FRIEND Ed would post a 5 parter and tell us to keep up with the good work

What's funny is, I know, apparently you know, that there was more to that conversation earlier.


She's just going on like what you see there is all there is.

I think she read it and maybe didnt like hearing it but she is interacting and you are helping her. There was a time she didn't interact. Now she is

I don't think I will respond to her any more.

That doesn't sit right with me.

In the discussions anything you reply can be discarded by the person who posted above.


We really need a better Hostess


We don't know anything yet.

Hurricane Florence might have blown parts of that post away.

It's only partially deleted. 

You can't manufacture a discussion.

This injustice will not stand!


Perri's post has deleted an excellent solidity post reply

Really Hostess? You quit? Just like that?

Please reconsider. Blame someone, if you want to, I would blame solidity. Think of the hurricanes and all the poor people in the world. We need you at the Lounge. The hot tub just won't bubble as well without you. 

I just saw Ginger. 

You know her?

I thought she was stranded on an island. But no.

Work is like food - no matter how good it is, it gets very boring if you eat the same meal every night.

Why not spice things up and try different things? That way, life is a lot more interesting. If you are sad about me going, wait until you open my locker.

Can I have your locker?

Today, I announced to my team that I would be leaving The Lounge because I had the chance to take a Hostess role at another Lounge. I’ve truly loved my time at The Lounge, and I have great respect for Earl and the work he does, but this was simply an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Any other speculation as to why I’ve left is simply inaccurate. I’ve been working with the team to ensure a smooth transition prior to my last day, and a number of members of the team are stepping up to fill my role.

But some people call me Maurice.

Well... I'm the Vulcan of love.

I'm a space cowboy Bet you weren't ready for that!

To be on your own?

Rolling Stones ain't gonna stop till we dead

No one told me!

My girl friend ran off with my car

ran off to her mom and dad

now I am sitting here 

sipping on my ice cold beer

I love to live so pleasantly

This is life of luxury

Blazing on a sunny afternoon

In the Truck Wash Lounge

I saw her today at the reception

in her hand was a glass of wine

I was waintng in line at the Truck Wash

A man said you truck looks pretty bad


I fought the law

and the law won.

And the law won.

Off with their heads

Off with the future, there is no nurture

No future for me

No future for you


The Lounge has no plans to scrap its unclear weapons any time soon. We see no reason 

Our house, in the middle of our street

That was the time when I was so out of my element, me being just a humble peanut farmer. Everything is going to pot. Willie, what happened to this country? 

Actually, it was on the roof, during the Carter presidency.

I smoked weed in the White House.

Now that marijuana is legal everythings going to pot!

Welcome to the fall of mankind. All this because of Ariana Grande was licking everything.

Bring in The Plaid Shirt Guy we need a Grand Jerky.

What... a... dumb... ass.

The druggie didn't get a chance tell his girlfriend that he made the crack pipe from a section of brake line from her car 

The Truck Wash encourages Lounge patrons to keep sewers flowing freely by clearing all trash and debris from the Lounge. If caught in a booth, the Hostess urges against walking, swimming or driving through the Lounge.

The Hostess asked me if we are having fun yet.


Hello, I can't believe I am here, front row center, can you tell?

I'll never smoke weed with Willy again.

Ash trays are standard

Ha ha Ha ha ha haaaa!

I thought I was going to an Ariana Grande concert.

No one told me!

It's solidity

I do.

Has anyone got very kind words for Mr. Ed?

I should say, Mr. Ed.

Why pay a lounge therapist when Ed offers such sound advice?

When we talk about anosognosia in mental illness, we mean that smuch is unaware of their his mental health condition or that he can’t perceive his condition accurately.

Anosognosia is a common symptom of certain mental illnesses, perhaps the most difficult to understand for those who have never experienced it.

Actually I pay smuch for the pleasure of his outstanding therapeutic experiences

How much did you pay her to say that?

Smuch there is nothing wrong with you. Everyone else is messed up, not you. 



I think I may ask to be diagnosed with Anosognosia just because its very hard to pronounce. Maybe then my disability will be resolved.

I'll drink to that!

Coffee that is...

Yes, lets get drunk and then have a serious discussion about drinking

I would say that's racist.

I asked Ed about this and he agrees.

In order to promote greater diversity in our military forces.

I suggest that our new Space Force should consist entirely of Victoria's Secret models in bikini uniforms.

I think that would go a long way towards promoting American Values and peace in these difficult times.

NO! I demand NO!

Ariana needs to wear a hair net.

Her ponytail gets in everything.

I think we have a position in the Kitchen for Ariana

Oh my God!

I saw Ariana Grande licking the icing off my tray!

The food trays in the Lounge carry more germs than toilets, researchers found.

This is your dream come true just for you to make everyone in the Lounge enjoy a live show with this dynamic microphone.

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with Multi-color LED Lights, 4 in 1 Portable Handheld Home Party Karaoke Speaker Machine 

Jeff, You may be a trillion air...

The Truck Wash Trailer Park has a clear view of that dusty old moon, and by the way, Jeff, are you by chance really that Picard fellow?

But folks, let my take a moment to say air is free here at the Truck Wash (with every tire repair, starting at $9.95). You can get that here, not on Amazon.

I'm thinking about moving to the moon.

My neighborhood has really gone down hill.

I live next door to Bill Gates, and he's so poor. 


You are a decent human being.

They say money can't buy that.

But I disagree.

Need a loan? I can give you a loaner.

If you ran outta gas?

I got a spare gas can.

Flat tire? I will loan you some air.

Anybody need a loan?

Take it from me

It's hip to be square

Don't worry

Be Happy

It appears that the future will be arriving late this year.

Showing no respect for the past.

She'll never lick my donuts again!

You know the show was good, everyone stopped and got coffeed up in The Lounge.

Seems strange the donut shop burnt right after Ariana Grande's tour bus left the Truck Wash.


Earl said it was a coincidence.

Fire destroys The Truck Wash Donut Shop
"I see the history of my Truck Wash donut's becoming ashes. It has no price. I'm devastated."

No! Stop, I not that Kind of Girl! Yes I wear mini shirts and heels so high and sway my long hair and smile and sing. But NO! I don't lick anymore donuts. I got in big trouble and everything.

I am never going back to licking donuts.

She can lick my donut anytime.

It been said that Ariana licked your donut

shut up

Your voice.

I went to and old lady's funeral and sang a song in a too short black dress with high heals and swayed my long hair around and the pastor gave me a hug after I finished. Then he apologized for checking me out and called me a Latino, I am an Italian, what can be worse than that?

I was as strong as I could be...

Neil Diamond 

There can only be one.

Why didn't I think of that!

Forget self driving lounges and self driving cars.

What we need are self driving beers!

If Grandma cannot make it to the Lounge, the Lounge will drive itself to Grandma!

My alcoholic friend was most excited when they announced self driving cars as it provides a way for drunks to get to the store to buy their beverage. He died before he learned about Self-Driving Lounge. For that, my guess is he would be glad. 

I must say that is a well rounded flat earthers.

Of course the world is flat, with the exception of The Oregon Vortex 

My memory is alive and driving to the Lounge

The only thing "Flat Earthers" fear,

is sphere itself.

Grandma was fiercely independent, and stylish too, depending on who you ask.

This we know about: She is late, wears a moomoo and has a mouth on her.

Which describes perfectly my Grandma's logic.

You only are breaking the law if they catch you.

Whoa! Got it!

I guess you won't let others (that includes the law) tell you what you can and cannot do.

I thought they took your license away?

Grandma: "I drove myself dammit."

I am only here for the Rummage Sale

Me sing LaLaLa

Bring on Dancing Grrrrrills!

That's the entertainment.


I screwed a dart board on the backs side of the Lounge entry door.

Now women keep walking in the Lounge with darts stuck in their head.

Just no. 


I think you forgot to tell The Bingo Players outside, it's Sewing Sows Club night.

Awe, she sounds very sweet. She can come anytime!

Tell Grandma that the Lounge is open 24hr per day (unless it burns down again)

I have a feeling she will be very very late to the Sowing Sows Club.


She would have liked you.

Very personable.

Continually collecting "rummage" for her rummage sales.

Grandma was a dedicated democrat and would sow us grandkids quilts.

We don't mind if your grandma's late. She has experience. 

My late Grandmother was a dedicated moomoo wearer. 


All you Lounge Women may be interested in joining the new sewing group?. We meet on Wednesdays, right here in the Lounge. 

The name of the Group is the Sewing Sows, and we will be making moomoos. 

If you are interested please contact me, Hostess! 

They first need to vote on a badge design.

I sleep well, knowing The Space Force will protect us.


Yeah, tonight a potentially hazardous asteroid barely might miss the earth but don't worry about it

Mike, get with the program, man.

You want a dirty lounge? Hostess has a dirty lounge.

This show will not stand, man.


Next series, this fall, on watch it

Dirty Lounge


We haven't had that spirit here, since 1979.


I had a rough night and I hate the fucking Eagles, man.

Look, I have one rule in this lousy Lounge. It’s crazy, but I’m going to enforce it, okay?

Has the whole world gone crazy?

Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?

of course you cant read between the lines here, its blacked out. Man.


The Lounge really pulls the TruckWash together.

I do not know.

Aren't we so ironic and funny and wonderful. But who has had the last laugh?

I'm from the Alice Cooper school of 'School's Out,' 'I'm Eighteen,' you know? And Alice was very big on these anthemic songs. So I wanted to write an anthem for the audience to raise their fists in the air in righteous anger.

Tomato... tomata...

You are close, bottom of the foot wart is a verruca with two r's

Veruca, verruca

They both can be a pain, and need to be removed.



Veruca means "wart" in Latin.

I don't care how.

I want it now.

Santa feels that most boys and girls have been good. He expects a lot of gifts this year. He also says that Rob is not on his gift list. "Too dour."

Ho Ho Ho

The elfs are all at the north pole melting plastic Army Men with magnifying glasses

Hopefully he's not a sour puss.


The Pope has announced he is coming to the Truck Wash Lounge.

Let me! Let Me Pick! 

"It was a Stormy Night" 

Starring Donnie Thump and Stormy Damyou




Stick a fork in me, I'm done.


In order to pay tribute to the passing of John McCain. The lounge will be playing C-SPAN on our TV's for the next 24 hours.

Thanks Ozzy!

Who wants that?

Its Naked Saturday at the Lounge.

Naked Women.

Naked Men.

Where'd you get that deep dark tan?


Hostess, This bottle of beer is warm, but I trust you know...


This beer tastes just like piss!

Raven will NEVER invite Rob

The dough boy freaks me out

Google is the end all be all

Good Job responding to Him. I think he may be from another planet

Here's what I do to people that annoy me. Picture him naked, powdery white, no tan, like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Finger poke in tummy same silly giggly laughter


What a sour puss. You would think that I had suggested watching C-SPAN for 2 hours.

So you got drunk and smashed up your exgirlfriends furniture?

Maybe Raven will ask him to visit the Lounge, I won't

Don't watch.


I think I am paranoid. That's Garbage

Please see music video pre-election documentary on youtube


"Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again"

I think he said "A Lot Of Music is hard to understand - I Agree with Raven"



Naafgh opaarfs nlop a Raven?

Who are you people? Anyone know music I that I know, nevermind like?

The Sex Pistols with Pussy Riot. That would be a show.

The King is gone but he's not forgotten

Is this the story of Johnny Rotten?

A rare disease that causes flesh-eating things has been reported in The Lounge John.

A trucker told the Hostess, that if left untreated the disease “could cause the flesh around the privates to literally rot away.”

Knowledge is knowing the difference between wisdom and wise guy

Vulcanized Rubber is logical.

At Truck Wash and Tire Repair Shop the process to harden the rubber on the retreads involves burning sulfer on the tire surface, yes, that's right, vulcanized retread tire skins go about million miles.

Logic is the cement of our civilization, through which we ascend from chaos, using reason as our guide.

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together

I'm not wasting perfectly good alcohol on cockroaches! 

That's possibly the most effective way, it works on The Lounge kitchen cockroaches

Help! The Martinis are invading!

my bad.

Fireball shots that is

That's fake news.

Of all the things that threaten to kill or disable us, alcohol takes a disturbingly high spot on the list - according to global estimates based on people's state of health and levels of alcohol consumed.

This ðŸ™  looks like a bare butt. 


We have unlimited resources here on Earth. 

If you don't see what you are looking foe, within reason, just ask me, but if you are unpleased with the service here, my name is solidity.

I agree with you. We need to make Planet Earth great again.

Hi willy

Hi I am new to 🌏 Earth. My world is peaceful and plentiful ,but we wanted to explore space to see if we were alone... We are now hoping to live on 🌏 EARTH .... However our radio frequencies keep telling us That war and destruction is far too common on your planet. We also keep haering the terms fake news , impeachment and russian collusion!!! We revere our chosen leaders and they love our world. No such things as nuclear weapons or serine gas.... we do not destroy nor kill.... No one on our planet goes hungry because we dont have a military or defense force. All of our resources have been directed at ending hunger, providing education and healthcare..... OMG I said too much !!! We dont want you to find us because you want to destroy us like you are doing to yourselves.... Dear lord , that is why you are looking to MARS .... because you are destroying your own planet...... Please heal your planet before we actually meet because we dont want destruction of our planet also.... We are not going to let you know we are here and will journey the many light years back to our beloved planet of peace😢😭👽🙏🙏🙏🙏we are sad for you and will pray for you!!! We are no longer interested in space exploration.... we came we saw and we LEFT.... earth

👋 hello

I really love the north west!


Johnny is right! It's a burning love. 

Love, is a burning thing...

I agree


Why are two o's on choose but one o in lose? 

Train yourself to let go of all you fear to lose.


Logic would suggest returning to the desert.

Is it better to?

  1. Dwell in the desert
  2. Live with a crazy woman

That reminds me oh my Jacuzzi!


Amanda's Jacuzzi

That's right. And we use the men's room too. Only.

Manly men don't get in the hot tub. The answer to Raven about a bunch of men in the hot tub is no.


A bunch of men together in a hot tub?

Raven is happy.

I think some of the participants in The Lounge have differing ideas about Fireballs. Men - hurry! Get in the hot tub!

I was abandoned by my parents at The Lounge when I was just a baby.

In 1954, Earl's grandpa found a baby wrapped in a blanket and tucked in a cardboard box inside a booth at The Lounge. It would take 64 years and a DNA test for the mystery of "Little Boy Blue-eyes" to be solved.

Are you happier now Raven?

Me too.

I like fire ball shots

Does anyone know where it landed!?

A small asteroid 6 feet in diameter was moving northwest at 53,700 miles per hour and fragmented about 18 miles above the The Lounge, Smuch said "We are still assessing the probability of the fireball producing meteorites on the ground."

The fireball, which is Smuch's word for a very bright meteor, was described as "at least 40 times as bright as the Full Moon." It was first seen 58 miles above The Lounge.

I love this part.


After being abandoned by his parents at the Lounge, Earl tells the story of his journey to find his parents.

After the burning of the Lounge, most of the globe is on fire. Some humans have survived, and even fewer still, notably the Smuch, have adapted to the fire by developing flame retardant breath. A loner by nature, the Smuch reluctantly befriends Marie and her young companion, Raven, as they escape from a hostile Truck Wash Lounge. Soon the sinister Solidities are pursuing them in the belief that only Raven holds the key to finding the mythical Trailer Park.

It flew by at warp speed.

The Mars Rover photographed what appeared to be a piece of old duct tape. On closer laser spectrometer analysys the scientists determined thet were wrong. 

The analysis found its a carelessly discarded seal from the cheese package, as Mars is just a large cheese ball.

Today's messages are brot to you by the letters E and D 

Together they spell ED

Solidity, I’m sorry your vacation is ending.

This is the last night of my vacation.


You can enter the Kitchen by clicking on the link above. Its a fine place to share thoughts. My complements to the chef

That sounds like the dance floor in the Lounge on a Saturday night!

Two-step and Square Dancing till 10 pm

What Truckers like

We do have our share of Lot Lizards at the Lounge, but only one smuch.

We've just received confirmation that "Cloud 9" is an actual location. Stay tuned for the forecast.

They might have thought you were cruising for a prostitute.

Probably smuch was drunkenly picking dandelions with a machete again is my guess.

When Smuch went on a walk near The Lounge by Truck Wask last week, he was on a quest for dandelions.

The stroll would end in him getting stunned by a Taser and arrested by police officers.

The Dude abides.

That poster Flexo, seems to understand Ed better than I do. Would he understand this Lounge


I think I will go on Yelp to see if my sister's dog has left any negative comments about me.

Since I posted nonsense, I think I have to tell my doctor to increase my medication.

Or step on his tail?

Yelp is what my sister's dog does when I don't feed him table scraps.


Raven actually posted nonsense.

This Yelp obsession Raven is exhibiting us facinating

I will look up Yelp on Yelp

Get a booth you two!

I will look up smuch on Yelp

We are promoting a healthier environment. Come try our coffee!

Black walls closing in again

Losing sleep and lost in time...

This aggression will not stand, man.

Tell smuch what a fuck up he really is weekend

Seriously, Yelp is a bunch of crapola

We are travelers on this earth, for a short time. 

This is it, Old Gary told me this is the end times.

I gave the Lounge 5 stars in yelp

I remorsefully admit it is my responsibility.

Sorry this place is not as good as it could be.

An apology is a statement of remorse that you make when you've done something wrong. It can be difficult to apologize, but it can do a lot to heal relationships and rebuild trust. Follow these steps when you make an apology: Express remorse. Admit responsibility.

Ha ha ha...

The kitchen is where you can post little  bits of nonsense. We run a serious Lounge.

I am in the Hot Tub.

Dammit Jim!  We are almost out of dilythium crystals and we have a bad joke on board.

There is no delete button - Report Abuse

Where's the delete button on this site?

That's pretty cool. Just make sure you don't take a train to get there.

A certain bird is going to Ozzy’s concert in Sept.

Deafened by silence

Doesn't anybody hear?

I'm waiting for darkness.

Loiterers are highly unusual suspects.


Man, these Loiterers at the Lounge have gotten so much better since The Lounge reopened.

Thank goodness for The Rules!

Marie, We answer your question with this question, how much time is No?

The Rule is "No Loitering!"

Are all women like this?


How much time are we allowed exactly?

You mean the smoke is from fires? 

I misread, sorry.

Smoke on the water

It has been legal in California and have not seen a big increase in legal sales of the product.


The whole thing, its a hoax.

It's bad up here. No sunshine, even though it should be clear skies. All the smoke from the pot smokers is clouding up my summer.


There's always room here for the lonely...


I till tell you what this place needs besides the hot tub. The Lounge needs better lighting, and disco music, with a spinning mirrored ball ant laser lights with a fog maker and a long red fax leather futon sofa

Management of the Truck Wash has constucted a place for the Raven to Roost in the proximity of The Lounge

Fries and crumbs may suffice the Ravens appetite however loitering is prohibited

It took so long to fix the damage in the Lounge because Internet Explorer exploded massively all over the the Mens Room

I’m loitering

The place is nice. I like the neon.


It's HIGH TIME we pick on Smuch.

No need to worry Marie. 

Much worse things can and will happen. Anything we say solidity will challenge so I make no excuses for him. 

I now can say why he insisted I use the woman's head up there. It was a trick.

This is set up better. But I’m sorry it burned. I hope everyone is alright.

The Truck Wash is a place off the busy highway in Buttonwillow. 

The Lounge is where you can get a good meal sometimes, depending on if you want to eat the surprise of the day or try the what I like. 

Much Better

We love complaints here in The Lounge. It is our low-bar standard that Truckers really crave.


The Truck Wash

You have a dirty truck? Is it HUGE?

Bring it in - and get a free hard pickled boiled egg in The Lounge.

The truck is huge!

The Lounge updates when you post, but if you loiter, you won't automatically see new posts.

But... you can reload the page or click on the The Lounge heading and the posts will be reloaded.


There are some other things different 

Hope you have no problems

Turns out the men's restroom had a problem.

I went in there and the light was out so I struck my Zippo for light and the place exploded. I died.

The Kitchen was a dreadful lifesaver.

Jump in to the fire, I always say... not really, I say jump into the HOT TUB!  Ha ha haaa